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Vacation Fish Food

Vacation Fish Food

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API Vacation Fish Feeder

The API Vacation Pyramid Fish Feeder provides low level nutrition in a calcium base. Fish will pick at the pyramid until it is consumed in about 14 days. If you return from your vacation beforehand just take what's left and toss. The calcium base dissolves over a two week period and acts as a buffer to keep aquarium water in healthy parameters.

Each "pyramid" feeds up to 10 inches of fish (so if you have a school of 10 zebra danios there you go) for up to fourteen days. 

If you have a very large tank with lots of expensive fish and you will be away for two or more weeks, then these vacation blocks are not what you need. You'll need someone to visit the tank and lightly feed the fish every couple days until our return. 

Shipping Size: One 1.2 oz pyramid

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