How Live Fish are Packed for Delivery

A common question we get is how we pack live fish for delivery. We take great care in making sure your fish arrive happy and healthy.

The process starts as soon as we assemble your order. 

Using a pick list, we go through and select each type of fish in your order and place them in glass containers. The containers help keep your order organized and reduces stress on the fish.

Glass fish transportation containers


Once your order is assembled and ready to go, we bag your fish just before boxing them so they aren't in bags longer than they need to be.

Live fish in bags ready for delivery


Just before closing up the box for shipping, we will look up the weather forecast in the destination address. Depending on the temperatures, we will add a heat or cold pack to the shipment to make sure the fish stay comfortable during their journey.

Heat and cold packs


And finally, we seal up the box attach the shipping label and send it out for delivery. In most cases, fish will get from our tanks to your aquarium in less than 24 hours. 


If you have any questions about the online ordering process, please call us anytime during business hours at (949) 342-6257

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