Collection: Discus

Discus are type of cichlid found throughout the Amazon River basin. While they are technically, they are not aggressive and discus do not have the same shape as their cichlid cousins, discus fish are shaped like the round disks thrown in the Olympics. Discus fish are the most beautiful freshwater aquarium fish but Asian and European variations bred for color lack the hardy disposition of wild discus. imports discus from Vietnam, known to have hardier variations than other countries of origin. These discus can handle pH conditions up to 7.4, hard water, and eat frozen foods and pellets. Even beginners can work with this great species.

Of course we also offer wild discus, which are not as bold in color but elegant and pure, and strong of heart. Wild discus were discovered by Austrian Dr. Baptist Natterer during an exploration of the Brazilian Amazon basin in 1835. The discus was introduced to the aquarium trade in 1934 and two breeding pioneers subsequently created the colorful variations we are familiar with today. Dr. Edward Schmidt-Focke of Germany and Jack Wattley of the United States created most of the popular color variations in the 1960s, including the Blue Diamond, Red Turquoise, Snakeskin, and Blue Turquoise varieties.

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