About Us and Our Aquarium Fish

AFS works with select importers sourcing from each major tropical region to create the best offering, the best price, and the best selection of salt water fish, crustaceans, and corals, and freshwater fish, plants, and crustaceans in the world.

The fish our housed in four warehouses, one freshwater and freshwater plant warehouse, and three separate salt water facilities. We have three "pickers" that take your order and find the best fish to match your selection. Our pirmary office is in Reno, Nevada, and we have a wonderful customer service department in our freshwater warehouse  who coordinates with the pickers.

We offer plants grown in Florida and verified by the Agricultural Department as safe for the aquarium. All of our fish importers are certified to practice sustainable gathering or breeding practices.

In order to focus on providing quality, healthy fish at the lowest prices, our policies include:

1) We guarantee live arrival. We will refund the value of any fish that do not make it but you must send a picture of the dead fish. Our live arrival rate is 96%, so fish do not make it 4% of the time. If you notice any conditions that caused the death please let us know. This will help us avoid losses in the future.

NOTE: You are responsible to properly transition your new fish to the aquarium. Poor transitioning is the number one cause of disease and death in the aquarium.

2) We do not guarantee fish beyond the day of arrival. Please research the requirements for each fish to ensure a suitable environment, food, and compatible tank mates. We believe that the aquatic hobby is a shared responsibility with the aquarium keeper. Long guarantees would require us to charge higher prices and more importantly would take the some of the responsibility for proper care away from the aquarist. Our practices and policies are in place to reduce losses in our warehouses, shipping boxes, and aquarist fish tanks. 

3) The best way to contact us is the SUPPORT button on the bottom of this page. We have a phone number but we are running around the warehouses selecting fish, shipping fish, and often do not have someone available when you call. Please allow up to 24-36 hours for a response but generally we can get back to you within the day. 

5) There is limited information on our site, and some of our species are uncommon. Please utilize the internet to answer any questions you might have prior to making your purchase, because once you receive your items, these creatures become your responsibility. 

NOTE: We suggest visiting your local, independent aquatic store for equipment and stock we do not have, they are the bedrock of our hobby. If you want decent fish and sound advice, the national chains have nothing to offer.

Thank you, and we can't wait to send you some fish!