Collection: Guppy and Endler

The guppy was the most popular fish in the USA aquarium hobby when it was introduced to the trade from Venezuela in the 1960s for a number of reasons. These fish are hardy and great for beginners, and exceptional specimens can be bred by experts.
Guppies are livebearers that breed and give birth right in the middle of the aquarium. In the 1960s and 70s the world was swimming in guppy breeding clubs with beautiful fish winning first of show prizes. Then the reovirus, now just called the guppy virus, the breeding stocks from Thailand to Florida were wiped out. Now this live bearer has made a come back, with new varieties with ever larger tails and brighter colors coming from all parts of the globe. The Endler, a related smaller cousin of the guppy, was discovered by collector John Endler in Venezuela in 1975 and is also enjoying popular success as a small live bearing aquarium species.

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