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Freshwater fish

L-183 Starlight Bristlenose Pleco

L-183 Starlight Bristlenose Pleco

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Starlight Pleco L59 and L183

The L183 Starlight Pleco is sometimes referred to as the L59 starry night pleco.  This pleco come from Brazil and grows to about eight inches. The dark body witht he contrasting white spots and white fringe on the dorsal fin make this a beautiful addition to the aquarium. Starlight plecos are omnivores and will scavenge but it is best to also add some sinking pellets to their diet. Like most plecos the L183 and L59 pleco will be compatible with nearly all species except extremely small shrimp and similar creatures. Pictured is a three inch pleco. As the fish matures the white fringe and spots become more pronounced. Google images generally show a fish that is mature and fully colored.

  • Scientific name: Ancistrus dolichopterus
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Lifespan:  10 Years
  • Max size:  8 inches
  • Food: Live, frozen, flake
  • Shipping Size: Approx. 3 inches 
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