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Saltwater invertebrate

Sea Apple

Sea Apple

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The body and tentacles of the Sea Apple, or Philippine Sea Apple, can be a  vareity of colors, but it always has yellow feet. The oral region is usually blue to violet, hence the common name Violet Sea Apple or Violet Sea Urchin.This Sea Apple could be poisonous when stressed or die.Do not house these cucumbers in an aquarium that contains any fish that may pick on its tentacles. Generally, any fish that is prone to pick on feather dusters, will pick on the tentacles of the Indonesian Sea Apple. These fish include; Butterflyfish, Large Angels, and any species that is listed not safe with invertebrates.


  • Scientific Name: Pseudocolochirus Violaceus
  • Family: Cucumariidae
  • Origin:Indo, Singapore
  • Max Size:8
  • Care and Diet:When feeding, it will extend its oral tentacles into the current to filter out food. As the food is trapped, it will then draw its entire tentacle into its mouth. In the aquarium, it will need to be fed a diet of phytoplankton - frozen, liquid, or dried - on a daily basis.
  • Approximate Size: 4 to 4 1/2 inches
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