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Nox-Ich by Weco

Nox-Ich is the classic ICH medicine. Proven for more the 50 years, the active ingredient malachite green is especially effective against the most common aquarium parasite, ICH. Add just one drop per gallon to eliminate unwanted visitors to your aquarium. Nox-Ich is also effective against Velvet, Fin Rot, Chilondonella, Trichondina as well as many forms of fungi.

Treat every three days until all traced of disease are gone. The process generally takes one week. Use half dose as a preventative. 

Please remove snails prior to treatment, crustaceans and amphibians are sensitive to aquarium medications. The aquarium is safe for invertebrates three days after treatment. 

Shipping Size: 4 oz (small bottle easily fits into a live fish order box)

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