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Magnolia Leaves

Magnolia Leaves

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 Magnolia Leaves

Indian almond leaves, tea leaves, and magnolia leaves have some extraordinary conditioning properties for the freshwater aquarium. Placement of a couple of these leaves in an aquarium will slowly lower the Ph and soften the water as each Magnolia leaf biodegrades. As the leaves degrade, tannins and flavonoids are released which have healing properties against fish disease.

The introduction of natural dried leaves will slowly move tap based aquarium water to the conditions of water found in South America and Southeast Asia biotopes. Fish that y benefit from magnolia leaves and Indian almond leaves include bettas, rasboras, platies, angelfish, discus, corys, and many many more. Each order of AquariumFishSale magnolia leaves comes with ten cleaned and dried large leaves, and can be dropped right into a box of delivered live fish.

Pack Size: 10 large Leaves


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