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Freshwater fish

L-239 Blue Panaque Pleco

L-239 Blue Panaque Pleco

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L-239 Blue Pleco

The L-239 pleco is a solid navy blue - very unique for salt water or freshwater fish. Blue panaques are scavengers but also require veggies, so it is a good idea to add agle veggie wafers a few times a week to the aquarium. The blue panaque is peaceful and only grows to six inches, but it will not tolerate temperatures below 75 degrees. These beautiful exotic aquairum fish tend to break out with ick when stressed, and it that occurs treat with malachite green. The L239 pleco is wild caught in Columbia and varies in size when exported, from 2 inches to 4 inches. And of course these guy like a piece of driftwood.

  • Scientific name: Baryancistrus beggini
  • Origin: Columbia
  • Lifespan: 8 Years
  • Max size:  6 inch
  • Food: Veggie pellets, scavenger
  • Shipping Size:  2 to 4 inches
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