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Freshwater fish

Dragon Scale Show Betta

Dragon Scale Show Betta

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Dragon Scale Show Betta

There is something about the reflective shiny scales of the dragon scale betta that just makes this fish look fearsome. Perhaps they actually breath fire and we just can't ever see it with all the water?

The scales are larger and iridescent and accent the dragon like appearance of the Siamese fighter fish. 

There are many names for the particular betta color patterns but most are variations of blue and/or red colors. Fish pictured here are representative only. If you are looking for a specific coloration, add a note to the order or simply allow us to choose one of our favorites for you!

  • Scientific Name: Betta Splendens
  • Origin: Asia
  • Lifespan: 2-4 years
  • Max Size: 3 inches
  • Food: Flake, Live, Frozen
  • Shipping Size: Approx. 2 inches
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