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Saltwater fish

Crosshatch Triggerfish Male

Crosshatch Triggerfish Male

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Crosshatch Triggerfish (Aggressive)

Crosshatch Triggerfish, also known as the Blue Cheekline Triggerfish, has a very interesting pattern to its coloration. The body of this Trigger is yellow in color with many dark lines creating a crosshatch pattern. The face of this fish has very distinct blue lines running from the mouth to the back of the gill plate. The fins of the Crosshatch Trigger are a beautiful blue color with yellow borders, and the tail is red.

  • Scientific Name: Xanthichthys mento
  • Origin: Hawaii
  • Max Size: 11 inches
  • Required Tank Size: 175+ gallons
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Shipping Size: 5 to 7 inches


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