Three Saltwater Fish for small aquariums

We can't stop talking about the huge selection of saltwater fish we have in stock! There are so many options, from Tangs for your large aquariums, to Damsels for your small aquariums, and everything in between.  Below are three saltwater fish options for small aquariums:


saltwater fish for small aquariums

Clownfish will do just fine in a smaller aquarium.  They will swim up and down and all around and so don't need a ton of room. They will eat a varied diet of pellets or flakes and are a good fish for tanks with tangs, damsels, wrasses and blennies. They're super happy with a host, like an anemone or coral, but will also be fine without one. 


Blennies are super cute fish with good temperaments. They're alert and fun to watch.  These hardy bottom-dwellers are reef-safe and very low maintenance.  They're fine in smaller tanks though only one species of blenny per tank is recommended. 


While some damsels can be territorial they do still get along well with others. They're a great addition to community tanks and are suitable for small aquariums. These guys aren't picky eaters and are often used for breaking in tanks. They're a great option for beginners!

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