Plant of the Month: Micranthemum Monte Carlo (potted)

Adding plants to an aquarium adds so much more than just a bit of greenery: plants provide a beautiful backdrop for your fish, relieve stress in fish, and give your finned pets places to hide and play.  

One of the easiest plants to add to your aquarium these days is potted Monte Carlo. We recommend the potted version over those created through tissue culture methods because the potted version tends to be more affordable and larger (2" pot).  

Monte Carlo is a great ground cover or carpet plant.  It has small round leaves and is quite hardy.  It can handle most growing conditions though it does prefer good light condition and a CO2 additive. It's so easy to grow, though! 

To plant it, remove the plant from its pot and divide or cut into 6-8 pieces.  Plant these directly into your substrate.  Wait 2 weeks or so to give the plant time to settle before you begin trimming.  To trim, simply use a pair of curved scissors and trim the tops of the plant regularly. 

Below is a video showing the growth of Monte Carlo and Hairgrass over a 60 day period. It's pretty impressive to see what the Monte Carlo looks like after just 15 days! 

Interested in ordering Monte Carlo for your aquarium? Click here!

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