Memorial Weekend Specials: Tropical Fish For Sale

We hope you're all gearing up for a relaxing long weekend! At we like to offer up a variety of fish at special discounts each Friday evening - Monday, midnight PST.  We offer both freshwater tropical fish and saltwater tropical fish and some corals and inverts at 25% off during these weekend specials. 

Here are a few highlights from both our saltwater deals and our freshwater deals.

Orange Acanthastrea Coral 

The Acan Echinata Acanthastrea echinata is a colorful large polyp stony (LPS). They are found in some intense oranges to intense green and red combinations. 

Be aware that Acanthastrea are voracious nocturnal predators and competitively extrude mesenterial filaments and digest organisms within reach. Great care must be taken in determining the placement and distance between Acan Brain Coral colonies.  To purchase, click here. 

Yellow Coris Wrasse

A moderately sturdy fish, the Yellow ‘Coris’ Wrasse is an unusual colored fish and will spend most of it’s early introduction hiding in sand. Yellow Coris Wrasses are best known for their ability to eat fireworms, flatworms and pyramidillid snails. To purchase, click here. 

Threadfin Geophagus

The threadfin geophagus, also called the heckelii or heckeli cichlid, is a beautiful example of the South American earth eaters. These cichlids grow long ventral fins and dominant dorsal fins and have a distinct sharp nose that allows the fish to dig into substrate. Click here to purchase 

Glass Bloodfin Tetra

The glass bloodfin tetra is similar to the bloodfin tetra but provides bolder red coloration that is even more striking when viewed in a school of these clear body fish. The glass see-thru gene is a natural color morph in the wild and these are great fish in the aquarium. Click here to purchase! 

We've got lots to offer in our daily deals section, from Angelfish to Tetras, Corys and Cichlids!

All fish come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee for DOA (dead on arrivals) and up to 3 days after arrival. See Shipping Policy for details. 

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