Let's Talk about Tetras

Tetras are a popular fish for community tanks, but you could create an entire tank out of several varieties of tetras.  They are a schooling fish, so it's recommended that you get at least 4 of whatever variety you're ordering, and 6 or more is best if you have room.  

Tetras enjoy a well-planted aquarium.  They're native to streams and rivers in South America and having plants to hide under is comforting.  However, they still need plenty of room to swim as these are active fish most of the day.  A 20 gallon tank or larger is recommended for tetras. 

These freshwater fish will hang out in the middle to top portions of your tank and enjoy dining on algae, brine shrimp or small bloodworms.  The wide varieties of color mean they'll add quite a bit of vibrancy to your tank, too!

Interestingly, it's said that tetras have better hearing than many fish due to several bones connecting the inner ear and swim bladder. Because of this, some tetra species will be more stressed by loud noises.  Tanks in quiet areas, away from stereos or loud tvs might be best. 

For the most part tetras are peaceful, easy to care for and will live five to eight years. 

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