HUGE predator fish and Beautiful Community Fish

This week we've got 2 fish to showcase for you: 

First up, the largest freshwater fish of the Amazon: the Arapaima.  This air-breathing fish can grow up to 9'.  While popular for public aquariums, this may be too large for your standard home aquarium. If you purchase it, have a plan for down the road! 

The Arapaima is native to the rivers of the Amazon Basin and is currently endangered. The fish we sell are pond-raised.  They like to stay near the surface of the water so that they can raise up to breathe, with a distinctive "cough" sound. 

To get a better idea of the size of this fish, check out this video from the Tennessee Aquarium.  OR scroll down to read about a great community tank addition, the Gold Marble Angelfish.


Gold Marble Angelfish

Angelfish in general are pretty hardy and easy to care for aquarium fish. They can be a bit territorial though, especially when paired up to breed.  Still, they're a great addition to community tanks.

These Gold Marble Angelfish are black to white with gold accents around their heads. They enjoy a planted tank with rocks and driftwood and plenty of room to swim.  At least a 30 gallon tank is recommended. 

They'll grow to about 6" long and have a life span of about 12 years. They enjoy flake, live and frozen foods. 

If you'd like to order your own gold marble angelfish click here! 

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