All about Rasboras

Rasboras are small schooling fish. 

 Like tetra, these fish swim in large schools in the wild. A few, such as harlequin and scissortail rasboras, get large enough for larger species community tanks. Most look best in small planted aquariums and they get along with fancy shrimp and other gentle tank mates.

To help you better understand Rasboras, here are 5 facts about these colorful fish:

1. Rasboras often only grow to about 4" in size; many only grow to 2" in size.  We recommend buying them in groups of at least 7; they'll be less stressed if they've got other rasboras nearby.

2. Rasboras are great for small planted aquariums.  The forest rivers of their native habitat can be simulated with lots of plants, subdued lighting, and a gentle current from their filter. 

3. Dwarf varieties are a good option for nano tanks, or tanks that are 3 - 10 gallons in size; larger rasboras are great for beginning fish tanks of 10 gallons or more. 

Rummy nosed Rasbora

4. Rasboras work well in tanks with other gentle tank mates like danios, barbs and mollies; for other fish compatibility options check out our fish compatibility chart.

5. Rasboras are considered "micropredators" and will eat small insects. In a tank a good diet for them might consist of flakes or shrimp pellets. They also enjoy frozen or live food as a treat. 

If you've got questions about your rasboras or your fish tank, email us at 

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