Unique Aquarium Ideas and Decorations

Aquariums are a great way to destress.  Watching pretty fish swim about in a tank can help to sooth nerves, lower blood pressure, and even help you sleep.  

Working on your aquarium should also be fun and relaxing! Finding just the right spot for a tank, or just the right plant to add can bring joy and anticipation.  There are lots of things you can do to make your aquarium unique, starting with the type of tank you use. 

There are lots of great "standard" tank options, including frameless ones, hexagon tanks, vertical, etc. However, you can get even more creative and find unique tank options too! You can turn a glass coffee table into a fish tank, turn an old TV into one, or even create a glass frame around your couch for a fish tank! 

Lighting is another way to make your aquarium unique. With lots of lighting systems, like this one from Fluval, controlled from an app on your phone, you can create your own lighting sequences.  Combine this with water movement specific to the species you keep for great overall effects and fish health.  

Plants can help your tank stand out! They also provide great cover and play spaces for your fish.  Interesting plants like moss balls provide a really interesting focal point and others like this broadleaf tiger lotus are a great addition too!

There are all sorts of crazy aquarium decorations you can add to your tank. A few of these provide more places for fish to hide and entertaining options for them to swim through and around.  We've posted pictures on our Facebook page of Harry Potter themed tanks, SpongeBob Square Pants tanks, and more! For something not quite as unique, you might consider adding driftwood, castles, or even a cave like this one made out of all nature eco-friendly materials. 

Finally, there are the fish themselves! Fish can truly set your tank apart from others! We have an entire collection of both Freshwater and Saltwater "oddballs" like this African Butterflyfish

or these angler fish: 

We hope we've given you some fun ideas on how to make your aquarium stand out from the crowd! 

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