Cardinal Tetras and Project Piaba: Supporting the Amazon River Basin

Did you know that the ornamental fisheries industry brings much needed jobs and revenue to thousands of people living near the Amazon and Orinoco River Basins of South America? 

Every time we purchase wild caught fish, like Cardinal Tetras, we're supporting economic growth in South America.  Cardinal tetras are native to the Orinoco and Negro Rivers. Recently a fishery initiative called Project Piaba was started to promote sustainable collection of aquarium fish like tetras. Project Piaba has been used as an example of how research projects like this can provide economic stimulus to communities while also helping to promote sustainability and environmentally friendly collection practices. We at Aquarium Fish Sale are proud to be a part of programs like this.

Cardinal Tetras are schooling fish. We recommend purchasing at least 6 (and even more is better).  They look so cool when traveling as a group around your tanks! 

These fish are adaptable to lots of water conditions but do prefer water above 75 degrees F. They like plants, like narrow leafed Cabomba or even an Amazon Sword Plant. Some floating plants for shade are great too. 

Cardinal Tetras will eat most anything and will grow to be about 1.2 inches long. If you already have Neon Tetras, Cardinals will school with them as well, so you can feel free to mix these two types.


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