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Saltwater fish

Lamarck's Angelfish

Lamarck's Angelfish

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Lamarck's Angel (Male)

Lamarck's Angelfish (or Lamark Angelfish) is also called the Freckletail Lyretail Angelfish. They have the distinction among angelfish of being sexually dimorphic. Both male and female are a silvery-gray with horizontal black stripes from eye to caudal fin. The female's stripes are bolder with one extending into and covering the length of the caudal fin. In both, the long dorsal fin is black, although larger in the female, and the caudal fin is freckled with black. Only one male Lamarck's Angelfish should be kept per tank. Fish of the genus Genicanthus are the only zooplanktivores among the angelfish.

  • Scientific Name: Genicanthus lamarck
  • Origin: Fiji, Indonedia
  • Max Size: 9 inches
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Shipping Size: 1 to 4 inches
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