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Aquazen 4 Gallon Complete Aquarium

Aquazen 4 Gallon Complete Aquarium

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Aquazen 4 Gallon Complete Aquarium 


The Aquazen 4 Gallon Aquarium fits anywhere and comes complete with efficient LED lights and an internal filter. Though only 4 gallons, this system is capable of providing a healthy environment for dwarf cichlids, shrimp, tetras, rasboras, and all kinds of small aquatic species. The LED lighting system will sustain plants and allow for great visibliy. 


  • High clarity flat glass panels.
  • Fish and plant health promoting LED lighting.
  • Removable, easy rinse filter cartridge.
  • Universal placement internal filter rated for 10 gallons with a rated speed of 76 GPH (gallons per hour).
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