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Saltwater fish

Naso Vlamingii Tang (Juvenile)

Naso Vlamingii Tang (Juvenile)

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Most fish are known as juveniles to have unusually beautiful coloration, only to loose this bright coloration as an adult and become drab. This is not the case with the Vlamingii Tang. As a matter of fact this case is quite the opposite. Though drab as a juvenile with simple blue spots on a gray body, the Vlamingii Tang quickly grows to an enormous size and gains markings that include greens, blues and purples. Males will usually grow long streamers on their tails in addition to their unusual coloration. Normally non-aggressive toward tankmates, with the exception of other Vlamingii Tangs, this fish is one of the largest of the Tangs and needs an especially large aquarium. Vlamingii Tangs will spend their day picking at rockwork and occasionally sand in search for hair algae to eat.

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