All About Freshwater Angelfish

Freshwater angelfish are a beautiful addition to aquariums. They're graceful and unique, with striking elongated fins.  Native to South America, and in particular the Amazon River basin, Angelfish are slow-moving and quiet.  They enjoy being under vegetation or downed logs in dimly lit areas.  They also enjoy warm water (between 78-84F) and gentle currents. 
We recommend that Angelfish be housed in 55 gallon or larger aquariums because they can grow to be quite large (some as large as 15").  They also will enjoy broadleaf plants like swordplants and other live plants like java moss.  Driftwood or other types of natural wood for them to hide under are a nice addition as well. 
Angelfish aren't really aggressive but they can be that way with each other, especially when pairing off to spawn.  They also will eat fish smaller than them.  Because of that we recommend including them in tanks with large tetras, rasboras, rainbowfish, and medium-sized catfish. You can also create an aquarium of just angelfish.  With the variety of colors available now this would be quite a beautiful tank! 
freshwater platinum angelfish
Angelfish are omnivores and enjoy flakes and pellets and even the occasional live food or frozen food treat. 
These beautiful fish pair off and are one of the few species with maternal "protective" instincts with their young fry.  Watch this video below of an angelfish protecting her young:
Click here to see our entire selection of Freshwater Angelfish.  We think you'll find just the right one to add to your aquarium! 
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