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Saltwater coral

Frogspawn Coral

Frogspawn Coral

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Frogspawn Coral

Euphyllia divisa, a LPS coral named for the polyps that look somewhat like a Group of frog eggs, is determined more so by the shape of the polyp than their delicate skeletal structure. It will sting other neighboring corals in the reef aquarium, therefore, it is best to leave plenty of room between itself and other types of corals. Also referred to as tan frogspawn coral, green frogspawn coral, and tan frogspawn coral, in actuality frogspawn can change colors. So as the old adage goes, you can grow attached to your frogspawn, but don't grow attached to its colors.

This is a very interesting species, with tentacles that reach out five inches.

  • Scientific name: EUPHYLLIA DIVISA
  • Diet: Zooxanthellae,Shrimp
  • Shipping Size: Approx. 2 to 3 inches


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